heart-in-home-logoWe are charting new territory in how we do Christian Education at Covenant! Over the past few years, our traditional Sunday School hour has not been reaching many of our members, so it’s time we change our approach in the ways we support our families and their faith development.

The family (especially parents) have always formed the foundation of a child’s faith with the church providing a supportive role. We need to better empower the families of all shapes, sizes and ages, to welcome faith formation back into their homes, on a daily basis.

Your Christian Education Ministry Team will regularly update the following resources that are designed to provide ways to link your Sunday to Everyday. 


September 2016 Fridge Flyer PDF

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January 2017 Fridge Flyer PDF

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December 2017 Fridge Flyer PDF

faith-5-logoFAITH 5

One way we can bring our families back together is by doing this easy to do, but hard to start, daily ritual. This family huddle time works best in the evenings as it provides a great way to refocus our lives as we check in with each other and spend time connecting scripture to our everyday lives. It also provides a wonderful time to care for one another and bless each other as we say good night. Check out our faith-5-info-page for more details. You can also go to www.faith5.org to find out more.



Pinterest buttonOn our Pinterest page, you will find fun and spiritual-based suggestions to help bring home the different lectionary themes for the month.  Click on the logo and check it out and while you are doing you own searching you will no doubt find other good suggestions. Please pass them along so we can add them to our boards.



Connect with us on our (closed group) Covenant Facebook page where in addition to reminders and announcements we will invite folks to join conversations on the weekly lectionary theme and scripture.