Adult Sunday School Classes

we are beginning in the fall of 2016 with two classes that will both study the main lectionary scripture that is used in worship. These classes are facilitated by various members who spend time each week in daily study with each passage, reflecting on their favorite commentaries as they develop their material and questions for the class.

  • The class in room 4 will spend the hour together, beginning with concerns and celebrations before entering the lesson of the day. The lead facilitators for this class is Brock Daniels and Judy Grieve.¬†
  • The class in the parlor adjacent to the sanctuary gathers at 9:45 and will finish by 10:30. This abbreviated class is very much like the one in room 4 -except a little shorter. Ending by 10:30 offers the opportunity for Covenant Choir members, others with worship responsibilities and others the opportunity to participate fully without feeling guilty about leaving early. Chuck Baldwin is the lead facilitator for this class.

Adult Education during the week

  • Wednesday Bible Study
  • Companions in Christ
  • Covenant Book Group
  • Listening for God
  • WNF Adult Programs
  • Presbyterian Women Circles