Church Family Fun

Fall Picnic
Each year in late September the church family converges on the Savannah River Rapids Pavilion for a pot-luck picnic. We enjoy a covered picnic shelter down by the head-gates of the canal as the aroma of burgers and dogs being grilled fill the air, along with lots of laughter. Everyone is invited to bring a side dish or dessert to share. After lunch, the children enjoy trying their hand at fishing while the adults continue warm conversation. Many folks take a stroll along the tow-path between the river and canal to work off the little extra food that couldn’t be resisted.

Sports & Performing Arts Outings
Augusta is rich with minor league sports league and many opportunities to take in great performances in the arts. Groups from Covenant enjoy getting together a block of seat at these events for great times, full of fellowship in the community. This is a great way to get to know folks a bit better and introduce friends to our warm and welcoming family.

Ladies for Lunch

Members and friends of Covenant meet once a month at a local (sometimes not so local) restaurant for lunch and fellowship. All women are warmly invited.