Covenant’s Statement of Mission

The mission of Covenant Presbyterian Church (USA) is to glorify and enjoy God, to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, and to express the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. In response to the love of God, we will worship God, educate ourselves, care for each other, and serve our neighbors in the community and the world.

An Invitation

Covenant Presbyterian Church (USA) is a community of faith following the path of discipleship as laid down by Jesus Christ. As such, we strive to keep open the doors of our community to any, and all, who are seeking a church home. We welcome anyone seeking to explore Christianity, commit anew to Jesus Christ, recommit to Jesus Christ, or simply find a place to practice the faith in a new home. Please speak with the pastor, officers, or any member of this congregation. We would be glad to answer any, and all, questions about our life and ministry in this place.

Covenant at a Glance

  • A congregation of the Presbyterian Church, USA
  • Traditional worship style with an open-minded, welcoming theology where no one is excluded
  • Men and women of all expressions & experiences share leadership & responsibilities
  • About 275 members
  • Excited and energetic children (age 0-11) who are warmly welcomed by all
  • A dedicated and active youth group (age 12-18), with regular fellowship & mission opportunities
  • Extraordinary choirs and music programs for all ages
  • Mission relationships around the world, in the United States, & here in Augusta
  • Stimulating adult education classes with many masters & doctoral level facilitators
  • 4 or 5 concerts from renowned musicians throughout the year through our Covenant Concert Series.

Covenant Sunday Worship Times

8:30am – Weekly Communion Worship (Average Attendance of 40)
9:45am – Faith Formation Hour for all ages
11:00am – Traditional Worship Service (Average Attendance of 150)

Age Demographics:

0 -28 |  32%
29-49 | 17%
50-70 | 26 %
71-up | 25%

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.